I work with a variety of two dimensional media on a range of surfaces and scales, seeking always to extend my enduring passion for drawing, movement, rhythm, and colour mood, and in particular the use of counterchange to maintain the integrity of the painted surface.

The Alhambra Fortress and the palaces within have been a major theme in recent work, evolving initially into a sequence of four paintings which, as each work developed, reflected my changing attitude and understanding of the Alhambra’s history, form and functions. Just as light and colour changes, so do my ideas and feelings about the generations who created it and lived there. A fortress can keep people in as well as out, a pavilion within a courtyard garden can be both a sanctuary and a prison.

The first work completed on-site is a graphite and watercolour study. This was followed by a painting in which a tighter network of contrasting foliage is held within ascending terraces. Next came a change of mood. In this composition spatial depth is compressed, and closer toned, intensified colour within the containing circle, combines with the walls of the Alhambra, to create a more sombre mood.

The painting The Red Fortress, High Summer explores the fortress itself more closely, with glimpses of the hidden palaces and gardens inside.

In the culminating painting of this first series Alhambra Terraces and the Red Fortress: Early Summer, earlier themes re-emerge into more balanced interpretations of form and feeling to celebrate the complexity of the Alhambra and its location.